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Door Finger Protector® system, sold worldwide since 1995 is uniquely safe, versatile, tough and has never failed to prevent injury. TGI Friday’s, McDonalds and Tesco were among the first customers. Today their door safety standard specifies nothing less than the best! This is a testament to them and to Door Finger Protector® safety that works!

Every Door Finger Protector® shield displays the logo seen above. This is the unique Design Council endorsed shield; it is also SI1755 ISO1182, BS457 tested and ISO9000 manufactured.

Anything that does not display the logo seen above should not be trusted as safe even if it looks the same, or has a similar name. If in doubt, send a photograph of what you have, or are considering for advice to:

High volume of serious accidents and claims eliminated as a result of adopting Door Finger Protector® on all doors. Door related accidents cost the NHS approx £240 million per annum. (source NHS Trust). Safety Assured ethos is to provide ethical and responsible safety products and services as well as providing funding to moral and environmental causes.

The simple Safety Test. Test before you inadvertently buy anything alleged to protect fingers.

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